Temp Alarm Attach to a Boiler

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I modified Tapan Mojidra sketch with an alarm set point. temperature is in Celsius

So I had a problem with my oil burner not keeping hot water. So i looked up on good old instructables to help me out, I was looking for something that would alarm me when the water temperature was below set point. I came across this project that Tapan Mojidra made with a temperature readout, so i modified with an alarm set point, so that if it goes below a certain temp it will sound an alarm. Works great!! only problem is, that when the water temp goes below set point, the alarm stays on for a bit till the temp comes up to set point again. Its a working progress and could use more tweaking, but for now it works. Just thought i would share this with everyone in case this happens to someone too. $40 compared to having the boiler person charge me $200 to look at. quick fix until i get the cash to fix it. This is my first Instructable that i made, please leave feedback so i can improve in the future.

Thanks everyone

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