Temperature Level Bar Graph Using LM35 With Arduino



Introduction: Temperature Level Bar Graph Using LM35 With Arduino

Source: http://www.theorycircuit.com/temperature-level-bar-graph-using-lm35-with-arduino/

The bar graph LED output is very easy to understand the level of output. Here we used LM35 three pin temperature sensor and arduino uno to take input from LM35 and to control array of LED.

The temperature sensor’s output pin connected with the analog input pin (A0) of arduino and the digital pins 8 to 12 are connected with LEDs. Here you can additionally connect the buzzer at digital pin D7 of arduino to get beep output when the temperature level exceeds particular level. The arduino sketch code given here has the buzzer output function.

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Step 1: Circuit Diagram

Step 2: Temperature Level Bar Graph Arduino Sketch Code

For Temperature level bar graph arduino sketch code Visit: http://www.theorycircuit.com/temperature-level-bar-graph-using-lm35-with-arduino/

Step 3: LM35 Pinout

Step 4: Components List

S.no Name quantity

1.Arduino uno board1

2.LED RedLED 2 YellowLED 1 Green 2

3.Resistor-220Ω 5 Resistor 1KΩ 1

4.Connecting wires as required

5.LM 35 temperature sensor 1

Step 5: Prototype

Step 6: Screen Shot

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