Temporary Greenhouse Support Clips




I started this year by building two above ground garden boxes, they stand about two feet tall and are about twelve feet long.

(Long Story)

Immediately I ran into a problem. Tho the days were warm the growing season was still about two months out and we were getting occasional frosts at night. So I could plant things and hope for the best or wait it out, about two months later I started planting.

I thought about how nice it would be if I could have planted earlier and lamented not incorporating some sort of greenhouse into my original planter project. Then I got to thinking on how I might be able to go about adding a temporary greenhouse to get an earlier start next year.

It needed to be something fairly sturdy and most importantly it needed to have almost no storage footprint as I don't have the room to store two 3-4' high 12' long greenhouses after the growing season kicks off. I looked at some plans that involved PVC supports and while they were decent they ate up more storage room than I was comfortable with. I thought back to my youth when I made mummy for Halloween out of chicken wire but dismissed the notion of flexible metal fencing in general as it would have been too unwieldy. Eventually settling on thinner metal support bars, the only problem is by themselves they would have been flimsy and likely to have had a predisposition to fall over. 

The eventual idea became a pair of metal support arches with temporary linkages to give them more stability. Since the linkages are temporary that means that storage wise the arches and clips will probably take up less useful space than the plastic for the greenhouses.

(Long Story Short)

The parts still need to be printed, tested, revised (probably several times) and eventually released on Thingiverse with along with an additional Instructable (to include cutting/seaming/grommeting the plastic cover). This represents the initial design for the clamps set up to work with 1/4" metal support bars....... now with STL that actually slices >.> 



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the clips. My printer arrives next week. I will definitely use them for my fall garden.

    Thank you for the compliment :)

    I would like to apologize for the time it took to respond I haven't had a lot of time as RL has been a beast of a task master.

    No I haven't yet added them to the free3d group, largely because the 3D design contest sorta caught me off guard. I'd had these kicking around on a back burner for a while and they just seemed to click. I would be more than happy to add them to the free3d group as soon as I've had a chance to run them through their paces.