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Intro: Temporary Surfboard Nose Repair

My surfboard got a ding in the nose and it got to the point where it was sharp and a safety hazard. So, I wanted to fix it. Unfortunately I didn't have the right materials, so I decided that I'll just give it a temporary fix. I got the ding when my surfboard got dropped (which I don't recommend trying) from a height. It hit at just the right angle so it flattened the tip of the nose making it razor sharp (it actually scraped me a couple times). In this tutorial you could use this idea to fashion a surfboard nose guard too.

Step 1: Materials

You are going to need a surfboard (mine had a ding), and silicone.

Step 2: Making the Gaurd

Now just add a glob of silicone all around the nose. You then want to flatten it out and shape it.You can use a tool, for example, I used a popsicle stick, or even better, get your finger wet and the silicone won't stick to it so you can use your finger. I made it as flush with the board as possible so it would look nice and not affect the board at all. That's it!

Note: This was more an idea, because anyone can figure this out. It's more of an idea on how to cheaply fix a problem with your surfboard.

Also it makes it a lot easier if you have a surfboard shaping rack which I show you how to build here.



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