Temporary Wallpaper

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wrapping paper temp wallpaper

Step 1: Find the Perfect Paper

I went to Michaels and found rolls of my favorite colors, patterns etc. the cheaper the better

Step 2: Get Out Your Measuring Tape

now using a step stool and measuring tape get the walls height and width

Step 3: Cut

Unroll the paper and cut it in the walls height measurement

Step 4: Sticky

I used basic tape on the back of each wrapping paper strip corner placing it in one corner evenly. add more tape to secure it

Step 5: Repeat

going back and forth between the papers adding tape

Step 6: Add Extras

now depending on your taste, add other decor



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    Reply 3 years ago

    And its a great for just one wal or multiple. You can use cardstock in scrapbook area and do it in a checkerboard