Ten-minute Mousetrap Airsoft Mine With Tripwire





Introduction: Ten-minute Mousetrap Airsoft Mine With Tripwire

This is an easy to make airsoft trip mine using only household items and a wooden mousetrap.

Step 1: You Will Need:

A mousetrap

Duct tape

4 big nails

2 zip ties

A medicine box


A power drill

Some fishing line

Step 2: Drilling the Holes

First of all, drill 5 holes in the shown spots.

Step 3: Reducing the Movement

Reduce the mousetrap's movement with a zip tie. WATCH YOUR FINGERS!!!
Cut the extra part off.

Step 4: Preparing the Box

Reinforce and cut the box like so:

Step 5: Attaching the Box

Stick a piece of duct tape like this and attach the box.

Step 6: The Tripwire

Attach the fishing line to one of the nails with duct tape and roll it around the nail.

Step 7: The Tripwire Part B

This is the easiest step:
Roll duct tape around another nail until it loots like this.

Step 8: Tying the Tripwire

Tie the tripwire to the trigger. If you can't tie it, use duct tape.

Step 9: How to Use

Place the trap on the ground. Jab the nail into the ground trough the hole. Loop the tripwire around the nail. Put the 2 extra nails trough the two holes on the back. Unwind the tripwire. 
Load the trap and fill the box with BB's.
You have now made and set an airsoft claymore mine!



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    10 Discussions

    I made three of these for manhunt it works great and shoots at least 50ft. The only thing different is that mine has a trip wire that sets it off. So the seekers are mis directed. u gotta put poppers on the tray it makes lots of noise.

    Oops... I forgot to credit you! The thing is, that your project took so long to make. I took your 1-day project and turned it into a ten minute project.

    i have the same type of mouse trap and i cant figure out how to set it... can you help me out?

    Thank you! I wasn't expecting more thann 100 views!

    Yes, but this you can do in just 10 minutes, and the devastator 2 hours. So, 1 devastator vs 12 Ten-minute airsoft claymores?