Tender Penguin





Introduction: Tender Penguin

Penguin PatternThis is my penguin, I found the pattern at Lion brand yarn, it's very easy.



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    How interesting...your penguin from that pattern turned out totally different than the one I made from the same pattern :).

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    Hi. Can you show me a picture of your penguin?. It sounds very interesting that our penguins are different.

    Here ya go :). The first one was following the pattern, the second is my variation. I think my white yarn was thicker than my black, so they turned out a bit odd :)


    Oh yeah, and I didn't have the little black buttons or safety eyes at that point :)

    This is very cute! I like penguins, they're one of my favorite animals, this is just cute, awesome job!

    I love home made toys and I love penguins - this is a double winner!