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Do you have a pile of multicolor Legos, some tennis ball cans and a few 1st graders? Organize your objects into clear cans and let students easily see what is inside. This easy and expandable lesson is fun for students and teachers as the messy pile turns into useful order. The kids learn social skills and go deeper into sorting by attributes.


Legos, manipulatives, or anything else that needs sorting.

Empty tennis ball cans.

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Step 1: Containers

Start with empty tennis ball cans and willing helpers.

Step 2: Pile

You also need a pile of things to sort.

Step 3: Get Help

Put your team on the task

Step 4: Have Fun

Have fun building and socializing while tidying up.

Step 5: Enjoy

Enjoy your finished product

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    20 days ago

    For tennis ball cans - ask your local high school tennis coach. If they have a hopper with lots of practice balls in it . . . the balls all come in pressurized cans so they should have LOTS of empties!

    1 reply

    24 days ago

    Today I learned I need to get some tennis ball cans! Those are a great size :)