Tennis Bracelet From an Old Tennis Ball!




Introduction: Tennis Bracelet From an Old Tennis Ball!

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Are you game enough to wear your favorite sport? Make this simple tennis bracelet from an old tennis ball and show your love for the sport!

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

1. Serrated knife *
2. A craft knife *
3. Pair of scissors (optional) *
4. Art brushes
5. Permanent marker (optional)

* (CAUTION : Be careful using sharp tools as they can cause painful injuries if used incorrectly)

1. An old/used tennis ball
2. A piece of white shoelace. The thinner, the better
3. Acrylic paint / Fabric color of white color

Step 2: Removing the Felt

1. With the help of crafts knife carefully score along the white seam of the used tennis ball.
Tennis ball is made of multiple layers of felt and rubber. The craft knife wont cut the rubber underneath the felt, but right now we are interested only in cutting the felt layer

2. Using serrated knife carefully make a deep cut
Using the serrated knife, "stab" the ball at any point along the seam. This will make the starting point for next step
(CAUTION : In this step some rubber dust and fibers are generated. You may want to cover your nose and mouth with a dust mask, to prevent inhaling the particles. Such masks are readily available in most hardware shops)

3. Saw the ball apart into two pieces along the seam
Strictly speaking, sawing that ball into two halves is not really necessary, but in my experience (with three other balls destroyed in the process) if you don't do this step, you might end up tearing the felt as you remove it from the ball. Nothing like that if you can remove the felt without needing to saw the ball!

If you have sturdy pair of scissors it works as nicely as serrated knife.

Step 3: Peel the Felt

This is the hardest part of this instructable!

Using all your muscle pull off the felt from the ball.
Apparently the tennis ball manufacturers dont expect you to make bracelets out of tennis balls so they stick the felt really well to the ball with some sort of rubber glue.

I found it easier to pull the felt apart after wetting the ball with water, but then i wont get a proper grip on the wet felt. And i was afraid of using a pair of pliers to pull out the felt! Pliers might damage the felt, which i really didn't want to happen.

Step 4: Paint the Seams

Use acrylic / fabric colors to paint the seams of the felt

There is still some white color sticking to the felt from the original paint on the seam of the tennis ball. Applying white paint will make it appear a bit more tennis-y.

Step 5: Making Hole

Using rear end of your art brush pierce a hole for the shoe lace, on two ends of the felt.

I know, i could have done a better job using fabric punch. If you have one, it will definitely give a better result.

Also optionally, after punching, you can insert an eyelet used on shoes. It will give your bracelet a longer life

Step 6: Thread the Bracelet

Now thread the holes using the piece of shoelaces.

Step 7: Wear It Proudly!

Wear the tennis bracelet and tie the two ends of the shoe laces!

And you are ready to flaunt your tennis skills, even off the court!

Let the world know about your passions :)

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