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Introduction: Tennis Grande

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Tennis Grande is a great game for those of us who have a problem hitting the ball a little to hard or just looking for something new to do with that old tennis racket.

Its a team game played on 4 courts and uses the fence separating the courts as a net. You score when the ball stops bouncing on the other team side. There are not limit on how many bounces the ball can take, but once it stops bouncing and begins to roll the other team has scored a point.

Step 1: Court Arrangement & Rules

You will need to play on 4 open courts that have a chainlink fence running between them. This is a pretty normal layout can can be found at my city parks.

-Serving must take place behind the real tennis net.
-Scoring and serving is the same as tennis
-Player are able to pass to there teammate, but only ONE pass before the ball must go back over the fence.
-When the ball stops bouncing on you side of the court the other team has scored.

Step 2: Keys to Winning


-The fastest way to score is hit a perfect kill shot. A kill shot is when you hit the ball over the fence and right in to the tennis net. The tennis net will stop the momentum of ball and make it very tough for the team to return the shot. 9 our of 10 times the ball will hit the net and bounce once or twice then start to roll (point scored)

Thanks for reading and hope you can get out and find a place to play tennis grande! you will not be disappointed....



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