Tennis Ball Squirtgun

Introduction: Tennis Ball Squirtgun

A quick mod for a tennis ball. Can be used for a variety of purposes including: squirtgun, water bottle, ammunition, and more!

Step 1: Materials

Tennis ball (duh)
Exacto knife, or any other sharp object

Step 2: Stab It!

stab your tennis ball (just once) with the sharp object. I found it was much easier to stab on the rubber lines, instead of messing about with all the fluff.

Step 3: Fill 'er Up

When you squeeze the tennis ball on either side of the crack, a hole will appear. hold this under a faucet and squeeze it a couple times to suck in water.

Step 4: Squirt

To make the tennis ball squirt, squeeze it! the water will come out in a jet about 10 feet long ( if you squeeze it hard enough). the picture doesn't do the gun justice.

Other Ideas:

1) emergency water bottle
2) pranks >:)
3) flamethrower? (NOT A GOOD IDEA, I don't suggest you fill it up with kerosene)
4) weighted ammunition for something (ex. The Easysling)



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    You gave me an Idea. It would be hard but imagine, taking a card board box and filling it with newspaper. Light it on fire and throw a oil or kerosene filled water balloon an watch it catch aflame!

    9 replies

    And when you think about the 100,000 estimated civilians dead in Iraq using the knee-jerk reaction of this as a cover, you'd realise that's nothing more than a drop in a bucket.

    don't use kero for flame thrower its way to flammable use mineral trerps or metholated spirits.=) grate Instructable

    3 replies

    Methylated spirits has a was lower flashpoint that kerosene, which is what I assume you mean. Kerosene has to be "vapourised" before it will burn readily, like dropping a match into a tank of gas.

    won't dropping a match into a tank of gasoline just put out the match?

    my sister all ways takes our dog to the dog park and each time i get 5 + free tennis balls

    well we just have a different kind of humor then, no hard felling and i just think all that terrorist stuff is just hot air (it's probably a bad translation of a dutch saying)