Tennis Ball Stereo (TBS)




Introduction: Tennis Ball Stereo (TBS)

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A mono stereo made out of an old mini radio, a tennis ball and some 99 cent headphones , bye the way this is my first instructable so sorry if it sucks. Sorry for the fuzzy pics.

Step 1: Materials


Head phones
A tennis ball
a speaker about the size of a tennisball


Hot glue gun
a very sharp knife
soldering iron

Step 2: 1. Cut the Tennisball in Half

this is pretty obvious, just take the knife and cut the ball in half

Step 3: Stereo Part

take the 99 cent head phones and cut off the speaker part. then strip the two ends about a centimeter from the top. Solder one end to the plus side an one to the negative side.

Step 4: Glue the Speaker Into Case.

simple as that, now you have a mono stereo out of a tennis ball good job!



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    huh? What have you used in the end prodict for the black bit? How is it all attached? There is a mental blank for me as to how you go from step 3 to 4. Where is this plus side or even the negative side. What object are you talking about?

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    i think he means take the radio and solder the radio t o the  headphones

    Really cool! How does the sound work? Is it listenable?

    when I try to hook up the speakers, the speakers don't emit a sound, can anyone help me?

    yeah i just cut a slit into a full tennis ball and stuck two speakers in it then seal it back its just a tennis ball with a headphone cord comming out of it...kinda quiet but pretty sweet...ill make an instructable on it some time

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    can you explain step 3 a little more clear? i don't really understand.

    hmmm i may try this with a set of old cd player speakers i have sitting around

    one cool thing you could do is put a piece of metal inside the ball at an angle so that when finished, the tennis ball would point kinda sideways instead of up. very cool instructable!

    This was a very good idea! I did this with some old speakers I have, and have two matching halves now. You should really describe how you cut your tennis ball in half. it looks wonderful! Mine wound up with all sorts of jagged edges all over it from where I botched the knife work.

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    what you have to do now is to take it a step farther. make two that run at the same time from the same source and link them together to make the over-the-top-of-your-head kind. thats would make it ten times better. and not have to worry about the loudness because they would be right at your ears.

    nice idea, but u could add a few simple leds throweys or add a(or more)transistor/s to the leds and make them "dance"

    Pretty sweet, although mine kinda turned out... awful. :(

    hehe mono stereo, next years marketing catch phrase good idea needs an amp .. makes me think :) i like it, what would be pimp tho is to have both halves for left and right that (sorta) look like a single tennis ball when in storage my 3 cents about cutting the ball in half option 1: super sharp utility knife with the blade only half way out, and a strict regard to your hands, fingers, belly, chest and face OR option 2: sharp bread knife, act like its a fat bagel, and have a strict regard to your hands, fingers, belly, chest and face, its safer than the utility knife if you take your time its cleaner too, and its not asking you to jab a rubber based ball with a razor blade, which IMO is always good OR option 3: since i have access to a band saw i just used that (thanks dad) and a strict regard to your hands, fingers, belly, chest and face

    Very nice job. You should sell them and get cash for the. Excelent Instructable!!!

    Very cool Idea, but "mono stereo" is a bit of a misnomer.