Tennis Map on Minecraft

Introduction: Tennis Map on Minecraft

here you will learn how to make an easy tennis map on minecraft, using shovel as rackets and villagers as balls.

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Step 1: Materials

you will  need to have:
116 light blue stained clay
44 black stained clay
48 green stained clay
140 fences
2 shovels
2 knockback enchanted books
crafting table

Step 2: Building the Court

to building the court we will need the clay blocks and the fences.
first take your green blocks and do with them 2 4X6 areas and between them put a line of black blocks.
than take your black blocks and put them around the green areas.
take 4 fences and put them on the black line between the green areas and put on the edges black blocks.
take your light blue blocks and surround the black blocks with them with 2 layers.
now put your fences on the edge of the court.

Step 3: The Rackets!

now, to do the rackets, take the 2 shovels and put them in your anvil.
take your knockback books and put them in the anvil too.
now change the name of the shovels into "Racket"  and put it out from the anvil.

Step 4: To the Game

 now, you can freely play tennis with your friends. just upload the world into multiplayer world and play tennis with the shovels and villagers!

have fun!

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