Tensegrity Tensecoration Decoration





Introduction: Tensegrity Tensecoration Decoration

It's a little bit early for christmas decorations, but here is one I'm teaching at a diy craft fair called Iconocraft (http://iconocraft.com).

I make materials for these, and I look forward to your requests for kits!

Enjoy Geometry.



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    Love this! I used round dowels cut to 4" lengths. I used the rainbow loom rubber bands and as mentioned, the super glue made the bands break. I also tried hot glue, same result. I then tried Elmer's Glue All, and that worked great. Thanks for the 'ible!

    I need this model for my project but I cant see the video, actually there isnt any video!!!

    Bloody awesome, mate - guerilla geometry genius :) I love the jig you build to make grooves, I use a Dremel and it takes ages. Very easy to follow instructions, and the superglue should keep everything nicely in place.

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    Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it! Today I am preparing some of these for a colleague to do a girl guide fundraiser. Don't forget to rate and follow :)