Powerful Pocket Crossbow! (No Rubber Bands or Cloths Pins!)




I have constructed some Popsicle stick pocket crossbows out of some things lying around at home. I am contemplating a step-by-step instructable for everyone, however I'm worried some kid will make one and decide it was a good idea to shoot his sibling in the eye at home. These are extremely powerful for their size. (even a blunt ended bolt [basically the flat end of a nail] ripped the skin off of my leg and made me bleed.) with that being said, I am in no way responsible for what you do if you decide to try and re-create what I have here.

I used popsicle sticks and pieces of paper clips as the triggering mechanism, around a 4 inch piece of steel rake for the bow, and jewelers wire/crimps for the draw string. 

This is my first Instructable, if enough of you like it, I'll post how I made it in the coming weeks or so.

Thanks for viewing. :).



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    Noodle Lord

    2 years ago

    were are the instructions?


    4 years ago

    this is the one I made today, the bolts are wire coat hanger peices


    Dude that's cool, please show how to make it, i really in to pocket/mini crossbows at the mo.


    I love it. claim it isn't your responsibility if someone hurts themselves, and it's the guardians responsibility. I love the smallest one, it's very cute :).


    5 years ago

    I made one with a hacksaw blade it works awesomely and shoots 20ft


    5 years ago

    Plz make instructable


    6 years ago on Introduction

    The latest crossbows from Snowfalcon laboratories:
    ∆ Delta 1.2
    ∆ Delta 2.1
    ∆ Delta 3.1

    The ∆ Delta 2.1 uses a linear trigger assembly, the rest use a rotary one, like the ones pictured above.

    Photo on 11-30-12 at 9.39 PM.jpgPhoto on 11-30-12 at 9.13 PM.jpgPhoto on 11-30-12 at 9.12 PM.jpgPhoto on 11-30-12 at 9.39 PM.jpgPhoto on 11-30-12 at 9.06 PM.jpgPhoto on 11-30-12 at 9.06 PM #2.jpgPhoto on 11-30-12 at 9.07 PM #3.jpgPhoto on 11-30-12 at 9.07 PM #2.jpgPhoto on 11-30-12 at 9.12 PM.jpgPhoto on 11-30-12 at 9.13 PM.jpgPhoto on 11-30-12 at 9.14 PM.jpg

    7 years ago on Introduction

    i havew also made a couple of these using the same design as yours however i made a few differences such as a small spring for the trigger mechanism, a metal clip to hold the bolts in position and i used junior hack saw blades as the bows, which work pretty well but i always think theyre going to give way and break

    Copy of IMAG0132.jpgCopy of IMAG0130.jpgCopy of IMAG0131.jpgCopy of IMAG0128.jpg
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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. I also have a metal clip up front, i'm not quite sure what you mean by holding them in position. That's the only metal clip I'm seeing. I was using a popsicle stick on top as my clip, at least at first. I ended up forming different ones out of metal wire and duct tape, they work well and look much better. Much like the ones on my toothpick crossbow. I didn't go with hack saw blades because well... They're for my hack saw. Ha ha. An old broken rake sufficed. Also I didn't see as much power in hack saw blades, they seem rather flimsy compared to the rake teeth. However, hacksaw blades are probably much easier to get a draw string on. So what are you worried about snapping? The draw string, or the bow itself? I haven't had any bows snap on mine, just the wire I use as my draw string. It took 3 months of abuse, but they eventually snapped in the middle.

    I think you should feel ok posting a step by step as there are many potentially dangerous instructables posted her, mine included. If anything if you post the correct way to do it safely and how to control the safety aspects you will most likely keep younger ones safer. How? because otherwise they will find sites that do offer shoddy instructions with little thought as to their repercussions. Make dangerous somewhat safe, the ones that poke their eyes out generally were destined to do that somehow anyway.

    4 replies

    That's a good point. The only thing I keep asking myself is: Am I legally held responsible for what these kids do? Because I honestly have no clue as to what the laws are on that.

    I'm much more worried about them shooting some other living creature. I've had my much less powerful version of these that shoot toothpicks stick into my finger. These would easily penetrate skin, let alone someone's eye. I for one enjoyed shooting my friends with airsoft guns. We had wars all the time without eye protection. So, I can see kids making the same stupid mistakes I did. However, these aren't 6mm plastic bbs. They're Sharp pointed objects that fire at roughly 250+ feet per second.