Tent Candle Oven Stove KP

Introduction: Tent Candle Oven Stove KP

This is an application fo the candle stove. Candle power to heat a tent can give a temperature up to 240C, which I measured testing the candle tent stove.

My friend Miro told me that he must have his daily bread, otherwise he gets hungry, especially on several days of hiking. Carrying a long lasting bread isn't desired because it is no longer tasty 4-5 days. Making fresh bread on a stick and open fire is a very common process and gives a good tasty result. But making the best bread one needs to use some kind of oven which heats from all sides evenly.

I wanted to convert candle flame power as much as possible in heating the tent space which would otherwise be lost through the chimney. I found a part of some electrical equipment - an aluminum 20x20cm heat sink. Perfect part for the stove top and I could get more heat dispersed in the tent.

For the combustion chamber a used an empty box of cookies with space for 16 candles, added 4 long screw as legs, and bent from perforated plate (taken from broken kitchen de-moisturizer) a candle drawer.

Step 1: Burning Test

Assembled all together, with a full load of tea light candles I began measuring. Outside temp was about 10C at 21 o'clock. After 20 minutes the top plate was 130C. Enought to boil a pot of water.

Step 2: Now, a Idea...

Let see what happens if I put on top of the aluminum heat sink a light double wall box with spacing of 25mm (like a thermos bottle, without the vaccum part) and covered this box with a lid.

The box dimensions are roughly 25x35x25 cm which is enough to get oven space for a 1 liter camping pot. Chimney remain as safety device and almost ALL heat should be captured in this box-oven.

I tested again and temperature inside box was 160 C.

Now I am waiting for snow .... if it comes at all.

To be continued.


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