Tent Guyline Tensioner




A guyline tensioner is used to keep a guyline taut.

Step 1: Materials

You will need a piece of material that is stiff and durable such as stiff plastic or wood.

Step 2: Prepare and Cut Material

I cut a piece of stiff plastic to 2" x 3/4" and drill three holes bigger then the diameter of your guyline rope. I used paracord for this project.

Step 3: Stringing the Guyline

The rope/guyline goes through an outside hole back through the middle hole and through the third hole and you secure it with a knot.

Step 4: Using the Guyline Tensioner

To use the guyline tensioner pull rope from the knot section and make a loop and place over stake or something stationary. The other end attaches to a tent or post with a bowline or slip knot.



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    2 years ago

    I discovered the usefulness of this thing about two weeks ago, to lock the umbrella at the beach. It allows to tie the rope, and then straighten. Instead of a simple knot, I used a bowline knot