Tent Small Rocket Stove KP




Hot tent ?

Why not ?

Well, let's go!

Step 1: 1000 Mile Hiking Begin With Small Step

Because I like to be/sleep in warm. and winter camping is (could be) very cold, well i must add a heater in the tent.

But which one. It in a common sense to burn wood and cook and heat yourselves on site. But open fire is open fire and you need a ton of wood to hold through night. Better and good efficiency is a stove - save wood and generate heat and you cook with clean pots.
Best combustion have a rocket stove, practically without smoke/sap, Must be small but save, Well, so it be.


I made my own idea drawings and start to assemble a stove.

A common packing metal tape was used for small L shapes which are with popup rivets bonded on the inside part of first triangle. All others triangles and forms are prepared as this one.

Step 2: Assembling...

In the rocket stove in the combustion chamber (burning place), wood burn totally fast and chamber achieve a very high temperature. Therefore I decided to make this chamber from two layers of metal sheet to get roughness and durability. Then I make holes inside chamber to have vortex air flow and cut out an opening for wood entrance.

Step 3: Assembling

All parts are equipped with "L" pc's and with 3mm popup rivets connected to both sides. Bottom and back plate are 2 cm wider then inside sides, to achieve distance and lower temp.- security step to avoid accidentally possible contacts sleeping bag or other camping fabric with hot insides. Therefore I have a heavier stove.

Step 4: Assembling...

At last, outside cover is bend and with 3 mm popup rivets connected to main body. Dimension of this cover is also with air distance 2cm from both stove sides. Small square throat shall be added to hold a chimney.

Step 5: Assembling...

Adding a part which troat hold square chimney on stove.

Step 6: Assembling a Chimney

Square chimney was difficult to prolong (stack) and it was to heavy. Also it shall be difficult for cleaning, So, after first field test, I decide to make a round tube chimney made out spray cans, Collecting same diameter, same steel material. cutting, rolling. point welding... assembling.

Well, this was a first my attempt in this skill and I learn very much, correcting mistakes, so today I have great respect for this profession.

Step 7: Assembling Tent Wall Heat Protection

Inspite that the chimney have about 80 C surface on 1.2 m high at normal draft, I decide to add a can which can slide and made a distance from tent wall fabric and chimney when he pass through tent wall. Later at testing, I measured can surface heat about 30 C...

Step 8: Assembling - Adding a Candle Heater to Stove

What about sleeping in hot tent.

If you add every 15-20 minutes an wood in stove to keep fire running, you can not go to sleep. If is outside snow, you load a wood in stove all night. I was thinking that I add/attach a part (candle drawer holder) to the stove from outside. which can hold 8 hours tea light candles. 3 x 5 candles shall bring about 450 Wats in the stove and ALL CO/CO2 shell past through chimney... see pictures. Material was 0,5 mm metal and unnecessary heavy....but for test was OK. And it works!

Step 9: Rocket Stove on First Burn...

So, late autumn, outside temp about 12 C I tested rocket stove with square chimney. Everything was as predictable. It was easy to collect small wood max dia 3 cm and it burn correctly. Stove was warm and no smoke. Perfect.

Another day test was inside tarp with out +6 C ... we reach comfortable +16 C inside, but with no wind outside.

But - every 10-15 min - wood is burn out.

Stove is a little bit to heavy for backpacking ( about 4,2 kg) as seen + 1.5kg for candle part.

Material which I used for stove ... steel cca 0,5 mm thickness. Sttove should be made out 0,25 mm thickness metal plates.

As always, better material - higher prices.

It shall be continued....if / when snow came.


Step 10:



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    3 years ago

    Would aluminum not only help with the weight but also solve the problem of the extra insulator where the chim exits the tent? since your already getting little to no storage out of the steel why not go alum?

    1 reply

    Reply 6 months ago

    tent will be heated from monday to sunday, is a tent well isolated place, with a 2 mm of plastic or plastic-rubber-cotton mix foil, so that aswell make a big insulation :)

    gimme a break, will be cold even before that stove turn off.


    2 years ago

    Mapp or propane fired ceramic zero draft combustion heaters will provide more heat than needed in a tent or trailer. Commercial models come with low oxygen sensors, so I applaud your labors but would spring for safer professional units.


    3 years ago

    I'm interested in continuing on with this build. I have a few questions if you don't mind?

    I think I read the stove goes out in 15 minutes. Does that mean your tent is cold in 15 minutes? Do you see any way of having longer lasting heat? Like something that could last the night? Maybe a rocket stove isn't the right idea for the application I'm thinking.

    I was thinking about having a stock of rocks beside my campsite that I could bring in the tent/shelter/tepee and use those rocks to gather heat from the stove and then radiate through the night. Not a very quick or easy solution, but possibly effective...

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time with the instructible and video. Your construction is well done.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Sorry for late answer,
    Overnight lasting fire in tent with wood fuel is not possible. You have to wake up and feed oven. I try with small wax candles in al holder dia 5 cm which last 8-9 hours and put about 25 pcs inside may camp oven... they hold all night but deliver only 400 Wats and this was not enough to warm tent... losses are greater.---

    spark master

    4 years ago on Introduction

    Carbon Monoxide and very hot flame source and extremely hot metal box, in a tent.......perfect together. Do I see Mr Darwin poking his head in here?

    That being said, for other uses this is a nice rocket stove.A clean out would be nice or a seal-able/removable ash tray.

    3 replies

    What to answer? Air flow at rocket stove is extreme high. And this stove sucks ALL surrounding air in to combustion chamber and through chimney out. Incl CO/CO2, produced by sleepers. This issue is not problem, Issue is who shall feed fire all night, while others sleep...

    I have played with and made alky stoves for 10+ years. All things that burn produce gases. Alky stoves can make co2 which must be vented. Outside it matters not, but inside a trailor or a closed room, it might. Burn one in the dark if it is blue then it is clean if it has orange to it it is burning dirty. Could be the additives, or it could be air fuel mix. I understand it is open, but that does not ensure a good air fuel mix for optimum burn.

    I mean no disrespect my friend. I like your idea well enough to look for a small tea tin just to make one. And I am looking for much smaller tins. Like rubber cement tins sized cans with screw tops.

    Again I loved you method and construction, I will make ove when I find the right tins. (heck this is fast to make), pot stands are easy to make, and a windscreen is easy as well. leave one in each car with water, cups, oatmeal, tea, sugar and coco mix. A pot and spoons as well.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    When fire is on, ALL surrounding air go in stove and through chimney. Air draft is, at rocket stove principle, strong, and sucks CO/CO2 through chimney out. If you build such stove you can weld everything. Or seal "possible" holes with 600 C silicon resistance between. Temperature at high combustion was on stove top surface about 220 C....Aluminum rivet whitestand over 500 C...steel rivets more. Don't worry.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! Clean, attractive and lightweight, one of the most professional rocket stoves I've seen here. In one photo, it looks as though you have a series of holes in the combustion chamber, in the back wall... what is the purpose of these? (photo #7 in "assembling 2" ?) Also, in US, we have 1" (2.5cm) fiberglass insulation that comes in rectangular panels that might be useful around sides, rear & bottom, to lower heat of exterior, which I might try, but not on top, for cooking possibilities. Thank you for sharing

    3 replies

    Small holes are there ti got a warm air in combustion chamber, to evt. create some kind of vortex inside. Insulation is not provided, double walls are only the reduction of hot spots to prevent acc. touch with fabric,

    Thank you for your reply. I see mention of a small video but have not been able to locate it. Can you tell me where to find it?

    Beautiful piece of engineering , I keep looking at the stainless steel chimney lengths usually one metre long and 20 cms diameter, with a useful 15 cm branch, it seems to me most of the hard work is already done , just needs a little work , maybe I will try this later. good instruction , love the einhell lathe in the back ground


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Maybe if you filled the triangle voids with stones/sand/water/etc. or something it could act as as a thermal mass battery and retain some heat longer and require less feeding.

    1 reply

    If you want to have a constant fire, you need to put new wooden sticks every 15 minutes in the stove. If the fire is out, stove is cold in several minutes, Mass thermal battery shall be also - after own time, cold. And consider backpacking weight.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nice looking but here are some tips for your next model.

    1( you have an AWESOME set of tools. Harbor Freight has a little No gas mig welder for $99 I suggest welding instead of rivets. this is to reduce air leaks in or out and will last longer

    2( I saw no provision for removing ash - nor a large enough space for ashes to fall into - even for one night.

    3( Love that self feed slide for wood to slide into the fire ! ! nice design.

    4( The metal in the fire box needs to be heavier - if you can get stainless even better and a space of at least 1/4" between the fire box and outer metal would help.

    Do you have a youtube video of it during use?

    Would like to hear more if you are continuing work on this design

    oct1113 @ hotmail.com