Tent/Canopy Attachment for Bikes




Introduction: Tent/Canopy Attachment for Bikes

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Sometimes people don't always have a place to go if they don't own a house, and others just decide to go traveling outdoors for a few days. This invention allows users to turn their bikes into tents for those types of situations. It is portable and easy to set up, so there's no need to worry about it weighing down the bike or taking up space while riding. The poles for the tent are stored on the sides of the bike and the roof can be tied down to the frame.

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Step 1: Gathering Materials

The materials used in the project include:

  • cloth
  • pvc elbow (x2)
  • nuts and bolts (x4)
  • conduit clips (x4)
  • screwdriver
  • scissors
  • duct tape
  • rubber strips (x6)
  • clamps (x2)
  • pipe straps
  • foldable canopy
  • crescent wrench

Step 2: Making the Poles

Using the screwdriver, take out the screws locking the poles for the gazebo. Take two of the poles on the sides and two from the middle. Be careful not to remove the screws that make them fold because these will still be used. These poles will be used for the tent, and they will be attachable and detachable.

Step 3: Cutting Necessary Parts

There are three things that need to be cut for the project:

  1. The pipe straps
  2. cloth
  3. rubber strips

To cut the pipe straps, line up the holes of the clamp with the holes of the pipe strap. Once the size is determined grab the crescent wrench and place it where the cut should be, then snap the pipe strap.

The cloth should be cut to about two inches with the scissors. It's going to be folded in half and placed in between the frame and the pipe strap. The purpose for this is to prevent it from moving around and scratching the paint off of the bike.

For the rubber strip, take about two inches and cut with scissors. This will also prevent movement for the clamp by closing the empty space.

Step 4: Putting the Clips on the Bike

The clips will hold the poles for the bike. They will also be used for putting up the tent. Line up the holes of the clamp, conduit clip, and pipe straps so that you can fit the bolt through it. One of the pictures is shown as a reference, but it should be placed on the bike with the clamp on top of the frame, the pipe strap on the bottom, and the clip in between.

Step 5: Attachment Points

The pvc elbows will be used to attach the two poles together in order to make the frame of the tent. The first thing that needs to be done is duct taping the rubber strips onto the poles. Duct tape the ends without the holes. The pvc elbow won't move out of place due to it being tightly pressed in, but it won't be that hard to remove either. The bolt that sticks out on top of the clamp is where you will put the poles by sticking the bolt through the hole.

Step 6: Demonstration of the Build

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