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Introduction: Tentacle Arms

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This came about because I was having a blah day.  I was given a hug that was octopus like and then came the inspiration for this....

Step 1: Materials

1 T shirt
Pipe cleaners (dollar store)
Suction cups (dollar store)
Safety Pins (dollar store)
Plastic bags

-Not pictured
2 rubber bands
sewing materials

Step 2: Preparing Suction Cups

Take the hooks off the suction cups and paint the suction cups on the backside. I did flat white spray paint. I chose to do this for a contrast, since they are clear. 

Step 3: Sewing and Cutting Shirt.

Sew the arm holes shut  and sew across the shirt.  See below. Then cut the shirt apart. You will have the two arm pieces and the center and sleeves of shirt as scraps. 

Step 4: Attaching Suction Cups and Preparing Arms.

I found that dropping the suction cups in the arm and pinning on the reverse side was easiest.  Working my way up from smallest to largest. I then turned them right side out. Next, I took 10 pipe cleaners and wrapped plastic bag around it, like a giant q-tip. I then inserted into the tip of the arm. Do the same for the other arm. This will make the first 11 inches bendable, you can curl it or make it wavy.

Step 5: Put on and Enjoy!

Using a rubber band on each arm, I secured it on my upper arm. I had to have someone help me on the other arm to secure it. Also, I stuffed the arms a little, to have less fabric sagging. I engaged in some tomfoolery with the arms. I will be sewing them onto the sleeves of another  t- shirt, letting its sleeve fall over the arms, that way I will be able to put them on with no assistance. And engage in more tomfoolery. 



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    My girlfriend will love these ;)

    This is absolutely adorable! My 10 year old son is going to love this!

    1 reply

    Awesome!! Please comment with a pic of yours.

    Working on my right now! i plan on safety pinning them to arms of t-shirts. i'll post finished pics.

    3 replies

    Awesome, can't wait to see the pics. Are you doing green or another color?

    Dark green, with little white fabric circles in stead of suction cups (student budget wouldn't allow it, and not many people throw large amounts of suction cups in the trash)

    I got them for a buck a pack at dollar tree. I look forward to seeing your end result.

    Elastic bands could be sewn into the cuffs instead of using rubber bands. That might make it easier to get them onto your arms.

    1 reply

    I did not have elastic band on hand. Putting them on can become a two man job. I will be sewing the arms onto the sleeves of another t- shirt, letting the t-shirt sleeve fall over the arms. This makes it easier to be able to put them on with no assistance. Also it eliminates the possibility of real arms being exposed.