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Introduction: Terminator Flesh Chest Wound

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In this instructable ill show you how to create a cheap but effective robotic flesh wound to accompany a terminator costume.

The tools you need are:

Flesh colour latex. Red acrylic. Black acrylic. Foam brush. Red led. Acrylic rod. Foamies. Eva foam (i used a thin yoga mat). Enamel silver acrylic. A spare tshirt. Fine art brush. Spare cardboard. Fake blood (optional). Imagination. Leather jacket (optional)

Step 1: Research and Rough Copy

Firstly i searched through google and found a few images and tried to get a rough copy down onto card. This card would be the base to the foamies. When i was happy i began cutting foamies to the shape of the card and glueing into place with a glue gun.

Step 2: Paint and LED

Next i painted the whole thing black and dry brushed enamel silver over it to create a rough metal look. I decided to add a acrylic rod to the top attached to an LED. This creates a dimmer diffused light rather than a single LED spotlight. To do this i simply cut the rod and glued a led to one end and taped off the other end. Then glued some tinfoil to the back to reflect the light. Finally i scored some lines in the rod to increase the amount of light in a certain direction.

Step 3: FLESH!!!

By FAR my favourite part of this instructable was the flesh!! Firstly i used a vest as a template to cut some eva foam into a chest shape. Next i lay the metal chest on top where i thought looked good and drawn a line around it for a template. To create the flesh look i cut a rough hole in the foam and began 'pinching' the foam to create a burnt flesh look.

Next i slowly built up thin layers of liquid latex to create a fleshy looking skin. When i was happy i used a red acrylic paint and painted the edges starting light, then mixing black to create a 3d blood look. Using the same brush 'dab' around the flesh to create bruising. When your happy, glue the metal chest to the flesh!

Step 4: Final Touch

Finally get a used t shirt and cut it up then glue the chest piece to the t shirt. For an optional extra use fake blood around the flesh.

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    5 years ago

    how did you do the face?


    6 years ago

    Wow great job that is freekin sweet!