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Introduction: Knex Assault Pistol

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This knex pistol has an 8 shot magazine and a true trigger.
Over all this pistol is sturdy and powerful. I'll try to answer all of your questions as soon as possible. Please rate!!! :-)

-Strong Structure
-Good Range (it can shoot 25-35 feet)
-8 Shot Magazine

-The magazine takes awile to reload

Step 1: The Handle

This is the handle
1. Handle
2. Different angle

Step 2: The RAM and Magazine Pusher

The magazine pusher (top) and the RAM. (bottom)
Make both.

Step 3: The Trigger

The trigger.
1. Trigger
2. Different angle

Step 4: Magazine

This is the magazine
1.This is the finished product
2.Make this twice
3.Add three white rods to one of them
4.Make these
5.Add them to the white rods
6.Add the other side
Now you are done with the magazine

Step 5: Body

The Body
1. Make this twice
2. Make this twice also

Step 6: Rails

These are the RAM rails. The RAM travels along these.
1. Make

Step 7: Connecting Everything

Here comes the tricky part
1.Take this part of the body and add blue rods to where shown
2.Now add this part of the body
3.Add the rails
4.Add the trigger
5.Another view of step 4
6.Add the magazine
7.Another view
8.Add the other part of the body that does not have the round connectors on it.
9.Add the part WITH the round connectors
10.Add the handle
11.Lastly put the RAM and magazine pusher in the right spots
12. " "

Step 8: Adding Rubberbands

Where to add the rubberbands
1. Adding one to the trigger
2.Adding two to the RAM
3.Adding one to the magazine pusher
4. Other side of the magazine
5. Load eight grey connectors into the magazine.
6. Add these. You don't have to. they're there for sturdyness
7. " "

Your DONE!!!!!!!!



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    31 Discussions

    I really like this gun! :D
    One of the best i've ever made.
    Made the mag longer so it can hold 12 bullets and put some extra rubber bands on for extra power ^^

    Dude, thank you so much for making this epic trigger. I will be using it for my old gun, I hope you don,t mind(I will give you credit, don't worry!)

    sweet gun i made in about an hour all common parts good job 5/5

    it reduces the range from about 30 ft to about 15-20 ft so should i still post?

    ok i updated mod now you dont have to be strong to do it and it is not a killer on the hands anymore.  should i post?

    i made a nice mod to this to make it a slide action pistol but it is a killer on the hands so i wont post till i mod it a bit but if your really strong it makes it faster but if your weak it will be sliwer so your choice should i post?

    I made this yay, pretty good shoots roughly 30 ft though only thing thats wrong with it is the mag, it takes years to reload. 4*

    6 replies

    It didnt take me that long though so I wouldnt say it takes years. thats a bit dramatic

    Looks nice, tape on the ram is NOT a con in any way. The trigger could be put farther back for more power. Also, do you have any black rods at all?

    2 replies

    I have 3, but I lost 1 due to an overpowered knex gun that didnt have any tape.