Terrain De Petanque? Ou?

Introduction: Terrain De Petanque? Ou?

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My step-dad has been asked to remake the frame for this, decided to take pictures for the world wide web. It's a score board for some sort of french game. It is a painted pine wood. Translation would be awesome. KTHANKSBYE

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    from top to bottom
    Boulodrome "du Bois" (VERY common french name for a place, like queen street in Britain)
    Bowling green (this particular type of bowling "pétanque" is a game played with largish metal ball and one small wooden one, traditionnal game espacially in provence, the south east of france)
    Evens games un-evens

    As you have noticed it is a score board for this french game called "Boules" i.e. Balls. played usually by old people, more for entertainement and socialyzing than actual sport.