Terraria Things Your World Should Have



Introduction: Terraria Things Your World Should Have

I like nerf, minecraft, pokemon, and Legos

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Step 1: A Gel Farm

I use the gel for a flamethrower on the computer or Xbox 360 version or just for money

Step 2: A Hellivator

For quick access to the underworld and for the ores

Step 3: Money/Chest Farm

Quick money for Gold and Shadow chest you get 9 gold and 90 silver a stack of 99

Step 4: A Arms Dealer

You are going to need a gun am I right

Step 5: Appartments

This is so you don't have to go and take for ever to find your npcs

Step 6: Meteor Farm

Money and meteor if your world runs out use 50 meteor to make artificial meteor biome

Step 7: Easy

First buy terraria

Step 8: Then

Wait for it to download and then play

Step 9: Make Cool Stuff

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