Introduction: Terrarium

A fun project to do this weekend! Build your very own Terrarium

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Step 1: Buy All Thats Needed

What you need:
Different types of cacti (I used 3 types)

Cacti & Succulent potting mix ( 5 litres will be more than enough)

A Glass Bowl (I got mine from ikea it came in a 3 pack I used the short stubby one)

Colourful Pebble Ideal for cacti gardens (I used white but you can use what ever colour you desire)

And scissors of course to cut all the bags open.

(Please wear gardening gloves, cacti can be pretty prickly. Just a heads up!)

Cacti, you can use more than 5 and you can use different types.

Coloured pebbles, a 2kg bag was just enough for me. Depending on the size of yours, you may need more or less.

Cacti potting mix, 5 litres was the smallest available, I got 10 litres because I will be making more. 5 litres will be more than enough.

All of the above can be found at any gardening store. I used my local Bunnings and Masters.

I found the glass bowl at Ikea, it came in a set of 3 for $20. I just wanted the bottom one. You can also find them at a cooking store (some may call them trifle bowls with no stand). My bowls dimensions are 8.5 inch across by 4 inch down.

Step 2: Lets Start

First clean out bowl and take all stickers off.

Pour the coloured pebbles in the bowl, about 1inch (do it gently so you don't scratch the sides)

The pebbles are so the water can drain because there are no holes at the bottom.

Step 3: Add Potting Mix and Place Out

Add the potting mix about 1inch, pat down firmly.

Then place out where you want the cacti to go.

(When doing the following steps please wear gardening gloves, cacti can be pretty prickly)

Step 4: Fill and Pat

Fill the the rest of the bowl leaving about 2cm from the top. Pat down firmly so that the cacti does not wobble.

Step 5: Final Touch

Now that you have left 2cm from the top, start to put the rest of the pebbles on top and spreading out evenly.

Then give it a light water, take tons of photos and post it all over social media to make your friends jealous.

Thank you for checking this out. I hope you enjoyed it. And have fun!!!!!

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, Thank you so much!!! Just removed the extra step now. This is my first Instructable, was not sure how to do it. Thank you I really appreciate it. =D