Tesla Coil or Slayer Exciter

One day when I was sitting around bored with nothing to build; so, I went to the only solution known to mankind, the internet. I began browsing youtube, watching videos about electromagnetics, really getting drawn into this area of study, and after about an hour I stumbled across a video about a simple Tesla Coil build. Interested on the subject of wireless power transmission, I began to think about how I could build one. I soon began to watch more videos on this subject until I found one that I felt was right for me and fit the materials that I had at home. After much trial and error, I finally was able to build a working Telsa Coil that worked great and soon became the topic of many conversations.

Step 1: Gathering the Parts

With members of my family tech "geeks" I was able to find all of the parts in our basement, but buying all the parts is an option as well. The parts needed are actually quite simple, a base, copper wire, a power source, a LED, a breadboard, a transistor, a light bulb, a tube, and a resistor. I was surprised at how easy this was to make and the time it took was around twenty minutes.


Cardboard Base $0

Copper Wire (Secondary Coil) - $16.47

Copper Wire (Primary Coil) - $1.95

9v Battery - $2.50

9v Battery Connector - $0.35

LED - $.50

Breadboard - $5.00

Flouresant Light Bulb - $1.42

PVC Pipe - $3.48

Resistor - $4.57

Overall Price - $38.19 (not inculding shipping or tax)

Step 2: How It Works

A Tesla Coil works by using vibrations, these vibrations excite the atoms around it allowing for electricity to be created. The primary coil

Step 3:



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