Tesla's Angelpunk Desk Lamp Night Light

Introduction: Tesla's Angelpunk Desk Lamp Night Light

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I found this Unique Angel base Not really sure what it did come off of, I Paid 1 dollar for it at my local Flea market.  I thought maybe it was silver and took a chance for a buck. It was not Silver, but it was in fact pot metal.  A nice piece to try to make something really nice I understand this is a one of a kind unless you perhaps have a twin angle base, However I am getting the feeling that if one looked hard enough at flea markets rumage sales ect... you could score a nice piece or a nice lamp , candle holder to break down for projects such as this.
As always I try to spend little to no money on anything I make, One man's junk is a steampunker's  treasure chest.

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Step 1: Disclaimer & Parts

Power tools such as Drill's and Saw's can easily hurt you, If you could ask my Ex friend Ray about the time I used him for a Vise, He would tell you that it sucked and DON'T DO THAT. Soldering Irons can cause severe burns and fires, use in a dry area keep any and all flammable liquids away from your work area, And always keep a fire extinguisher close by do not breath in vapors from flux or solder. Use proper care when using your Iron. I am not responsible for any damages to you or your PC ,man or woman cave, bat mobile , motor home, boat, flying saucer, jet aircraft or any other thing you may or may not own should you go forward and do this. As I know about enough to be dangerous.

1  Decrotive base
3  1/4" x 2" Hexagon Brass studs
3  1/4" x 1" Hexagon Brass studs
1  Motor winding out of a Floopy Drive
2  Brass screw faces off of air chucks
1 Hard drive Motor & retaining ring
Assorted Brass Lamp parts rod & nuts
2 90deg elbows I bought mine at a local tobacco store
8 Super bright white LED's Auto zone has a nice 9 LED  mini flash light for around $3.99
2 Bright green small LED's out of keyboard
2 Bright blue small LED's Radio shack or Ebay
1 Brass Weight out of a VCR Head
1  clear plastic washable straw (Dollar store)
Flexable white mesh  I find in Appliances & some power tools
1 single pole toggle switch
1 USB cable to strip down for nice long leads for wiring
1 9 LED circuit board out of said flashlight
Enough wood to make a box  6" x 6" x 2" x 1/4"
Gloss Black spray paint
Assorted screws & nuts
2 glass fuse holders
2 glass fuse's
Copper Trim (taken from a Transformer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Step 2: The Box

Make the box or base or buy one already made!  It don't have to be exact.

How hard can it be?

I drilled 6 holes directly under the angelbase for accent lighting.

Step 3: The Flashlight

Take the flash light apart gently tap out the circuit board with LED's

Remove the 9 LED's from the circuit board, Be sure to USE CARE! if you don't have
a solder removing tool, Do not want to get solder smeared all over the board to cause a dead short.

Step 4: Making Main the Light Body

Make three 3" Brass studs out of all the studs and fasten them to the Hard Drive
motor, Drill a small hole on the back side of the motor to allow 2 wires. 

Drill 3 holes on the Hard drive motor and base to fasten main light body to base.
Carefully join the Motor coil Had Drive motor ring and 1 Brass air chuck end to
the plastic tube with a very small amount of gorilla glue.

Insert the white flex mess tubing into the plastic tube set aside to allow glue
to dry.

Take other air chuck end and drill a small hole to allow 2 wires.

When dry slide the air chuck end on the the other end(bottom) of the plastic tube
and install 1 LED run wires threw hole cover LED with black tape or something to insulate the LED.

Fasten the motor coil light tube to the Hard drive motor then set aside.

Step 5: Wiring the LED's

( Red = Positive /  Black = Negative) (White = Positive / Green = Negative)
Take 18 lengths of USB wire about 8" to 10" will do. Strip and tin each end of

each wire 1/8.

Big side of LED is negative small side of LED is positive.

Solder 6 Bright white LED's, 2 green LED's & 2 Blue LED's. Green & blue for Fuse lights.
Solder wires to LED's then test each LED to ensure they all work.

Insulate the LED's with black tape or heat shrink tubing.

Solder all LED leads and 2 main power wires to the circuit board you will have to double up a few to ensure all wires are soldered to circuit board. Do not forget about the fuse lights in step 6 you will need to be sure there is room for all LED leads.

Solder the Positive to 1 side of the toggle switch. 

Step 6: Making the Fuse Lights:

With pliers gently hold Fuse and use lighter and heat the free end until it starts to slide off, then carefully remove it, let cool and do other side. Repeat  for both glass Fuses.( a little bit of acetone with clean most of the flux off the glass tube easy.

Drill a small hole for in each end cap to allow  the Small Green & Blue LED's glue in place.

Insert the small white flexible mesh tubing in to glass tube glue end caps with wired LED's onto the glass tube set aside.

Step 7: Mounting the The Base to the Box

Center the base on the box and fasten, mark area for underlighting (6 LED's)

remove base center and drill  holes for the 6 LED's.

Drill hole for Switch & conduit

Drill Holes for fuse lights

install the 6 white LED's .

Fasten main light body to base.

Fasten base to box.

Step 8: The Conduit

Using the decorative Lamp rod and the  two 90deg elbow's & Brass weight craft the conduit till it makes a extremely close fit to the top of the main light body, mark this on the pipe tread with a sharpie then take the two 90's off and run a pre wired LED wires threw the conduit replace 90's & install on box, insert the LED into the end of the plastic tube and a few dabs of hot or gorilla glue will hold it in place.

Step 9: Power

This device can be powered by  3 1.5 volt batteries or 1 3.7 volt Lithion Ion providing you can charge the battery. Or Plug in the wall PSU (Power supply unit) 3 to 5 volts Dc. If you use 5 volts or more you will to add a resistor to prevent the LED's from burning out.

I will be using a 5 volt cell phone power cord to power this lamp.

Drill a hole in the back of the box to accept the cord strip & tin wires, Solder the 1.4 Ohm resistor to the cord and the other end to the switch directly or by using another  lead and insulate.

Plug it in and test again to ensure all LED's are working properly.

I hope you all enjoy this Instructable and find some insperation in creating your

own works of Art!

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    Thank you Junophor:

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