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Solar energy is free, nothing cost. What is simplest possible way to use it? Well, exist solar furnance, which concentrate solar beams to one place, called focal point. This place heat to high temperature, so it is simple to light things, boiled water or even melt metals.

In this project, I will show you, how to make simple solar furnance.

Step 1: Material

For solar furnane you need:

1. one old satellite, check ironmongers, or places, where you can buy metal scrap

2. space blanket - it is blanket for reflect solar beams.

3. cheap glue.

4. scissors

Step 2: Testing

Firsly, it is dangerous experiment for eyes. So firstly, use proper glasses. When you are trying, it must be sunny, and you must turn satellite on Sun toward. Then you can put to focal point paper, wood or anything what you want.

Step 3: Make It!

First you must cut with scissors a lot of rectangles from space blanket. I make around 10cm x 20 cm big parts. Then use some cheap glue, and lubricate it on whole satellite. Finally just paste blanket parts to satellite

Step 4:



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