Test ESP8266 + DS18B20 Onewire + Google Speadsheets (Google Docs)

Introduction: Test ESP8266 + DS18B20 Onewire + Google Speadsheets (Google Docs)

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If we want a simple solution to monitor temperature, for complicate applications?

if we have Google Docs, This test perform temperature measurement using a probe DS18B20 and transmit directly to Google spreadsheets Google utiliando as a bridge script app. For this test approximately every 10 seconds temperature data was sent.


Arduino IDE

Programming ESP8266

Google Docs account

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Step 1: Google Spreadsheet - Components and Materials Required for Testing

This sheet has the following characteristics:

1. Historical Record

2. Grafica Historica

3. Dial for Current Status

Components and materials required for testing

1 - ESP8266 01

1 - Sensor DS18B20 Temperature

1 - Converter USB -ttl

Step 2: Connection ESP8266 and Google Spreadsheet (Google Docs) Direct

Step 3: Test ESP8266 + DS18B20 Onewire + Google Speadsheets (Google Docs)

Step 4: Tests


Step 5: Connections


Step 6: More Information and Downloads:

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