Test a Stepper Motor Without a Multimeter




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Test a Stepper Motor without a Multimeter

The video below shows how to test a stepper motor without using any multimeter , all you need is just a led.

CONCEPT: In any motor when electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy. So if we provide mechanical energy then output must be electrical energy.

Not only in case of just stepper motor but for a simple DC motor also this works fine.

 Watch the video below to Know how to test a Stepper motor using a led in a simple way, without using any Multimeter

CONCEPT: "In a Stepper motor or any motor (DC) Electric energy is converted into Mechanical energy (rotation of motor shaft). Hence if we are providing mechanical Across Stepper motor Shaft then It must again further generate electric energy . This is called law of conservation of energy "Energy cant be created or destroyed it just transforms from one form to another" Or 1st law of thermodynamics , hence this results in glowing of led connected across terminals of Stepper motor shaft when it is provided with mechanical energy"

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    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    hi why this work when connecting to the motor pins but not hen connecting t the other side of the printer cable ? cable continuity checked. made a lot of test whis differe,t cable and more than then motors. Do you have an explanation for that ?


    R Jordan Kreindler

    2 years ago

    A quite interesting and helpful Instructable. Thanks.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Great, simple explanation! I recently made a similar video showing how to test bipolar stepper motors without a multimeter or power source; hope you don't mind me sharing! The video includes the LED method you used and another trick for when you have two motors.



    7 years ago on Introduction

    that something probly other over look i didnt think about that till i saw ur video


    7 years ago on Introduction

    One fun thing I enjoy doing with stepper motors is wiring them up together. Then when I turn one by hand, the other turns by itself. I've only done this with identical stepper motors so far. I wire them up color to color.

    I'm curious if somehow you could determine the phase of the motor coils with your LED method? I know testing a stepper motor with a battery you can figure out the coil phases by how the shaft moves.