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Introduction: Tester for the Weekend Mechanic

About: Broken devices always have several useful parts,recovering them , we reduce trash ,then we are taking care of the planet

Very simple tester that allows us to test continuity on a wire or printed circuits,also positive,negative,alternative and even binarie canbus signals. That is almost everything of the electric sistem of a car.

The tester lights green or red according to level of voltage ,if 0volt(ground) lights green ,if more than 5volt it lights red

We must avoid to test the high tension sistem because could burn the tester

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Step 1: Parts of the Tester

1 used A-27 battery
1 bicolor two legs led
1 ac connector
1 crocodile clamp
about 60 cms or more of wire
1 broken sewing machine needle
1 pin
shrinkable tube
1 300 ohms resistor

Step 2: Disarming the Battery

With a small screwdriver disassemble the battery and you get 8 button cells and 2 litle hats

Step 3: Preparing the Components

Twist the led's leg in order to obtain a plain contact,sold the little hat to the wire and cut a plastic little circle

Step 4: Part's Deployment

This is the way we have to place the components inside the a-c connector,four cells with negative pole contacting the flat side's leg of the led,then a plastic separetor and the oher leg contacting the little hat

Step 5: Ensambling the Tester

Drill a hole on the lower side of the connector and then place the wire in it.
Put the led in the side hole with the flat side opposite to the wire.
Rise a little bite the led's leg in order to let us to put the separetor in betwen the legs
Straighten the led and introduce the cells in the a-c connector

Step 6: Tester Tip

Solder the needle in the inner side of the connector and cut the outer side's little sheet ,then screw it in the the other part of the connector

Step 7: Time to Test

working good,when the point touches the negative pole the led lights green,when touches the the positive pole then ligths green

Step 8: Fixing the Crocodile Clamp

Solder the resistor to the crocodile and then to the wire,cover them with the tube and shrink it
Take some soft wire make a ring around the crocodile end and solder it, in a way to let the pin slide in betwen
Pinch the crocodile coverage with the pin and slide it all the way through
Then we have the other point to test circuitry

Step 9: Testing a Printed Circuit

Sorry for my basic english,hope you understood the steps,ask any question I would be happy to answer.BR

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