Tethered-Phone Holder

Having the ability to tether your smart phone is a life-saver. But when you're sitting in close quarters, finding a place to put it can be annoying. It turns out there's a pretty simple solution. All you need is two rubber bands and your phone can be neatly stowed.

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Step 1: Knot the Bands Together

Find two standard rubber bands. Loop one of the bands around the other and pull tight.

Step 2: Apply to Laptop

Stretch the combined band around opposing corners of your laptop monitor.

Now's also good time to check the bands. rubber bands tend to get weaker with prolonged exposure to light and heat, so just make sure that you don't see any signs of fatigue.

Step 3: Insert Phone

And there you have it. The phone is neatly out of the way, and surprisingly stable. I've tried it with several phones and there's no slippage to speak of. Your results may vary, but hey, it takes well less than a minute to set up. Give it a shot!



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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    by all means! initially my plan was to modify the phone's belt clip so it would velcro in place. if that works for you go for it. this method struck me as the most beautiful in a macgyveresqe (totally a word) sort of way. I mean, who doesn't have 2 rubber bands in the house? It does stand out quite a bit, but damnit I'm proud! if you wanted something more understated maybe you could use a marker. if the bands are the same color as the laptop they'd probably blend in better.