Tetra Pak Canoe in 2 Minutes

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Make your own simple juice box canoe in under 2 mins (depending on how fast you drink)
I was relaxing in school one morning playing with an empty juice carton when I noticed I had just invented the future of reusable efficient transportation.  This is a very simple way of making a canoe and in twenty years it will be the best mode of transport in the world! (After 2012 there will be a great flood but the world will drain leaving many rivers and streams to use your canoe on)

Step 1: Materials

1 Juice Carton
1 Stapler
Skip the next step if your juice carton is already empty

Step 2: Drink!

Title says it all

Step 3: Fold!

1) Flatten your juice box (pictured)
2) Fold the sides in to the middle (pictured)
3) Flip it over (pictured) and fold it in half like a hotdog
4) Hold both ends and squeeze them inwards (pictured)
5) Staple the ends when it looks like a canoe (pictured)
6) Done! (pictured :P)
Good Luck!



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