Tetrahedron Gift Box




Introduction: Tetrahedron Gift Box

I never much liked wrapping gifts but this box is so much fun and easy. It is made from a single sheet of card stock and it requires no glue or tape to close it. It can be unfolded and reused later. They would be nice as boxes for wedding favors or boxes for Christmas candy. Warning I suspect some people may be more interested in it than what came inside.

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Step 1: Print Pattern

Use the pattern supplied to print your box. Full scale it is 4" on a size but you can always increase or decrease the scale. You can use scrap booking paper it you cut it to 8.5" by 11". Print on the back side of the paper (if there is one.)

Step 2: Cut Out Pattern

The pattern has both dashed and solid lines. Cut out all the solid ones. The dashed ones with be dealt with in the next step.

Step 3: Use Pen to Define the Fold Lines

Take a straight edge and ball point pen and redraw the dashed lines. Bare down a bit because this helps mark the folds and makes the folding easier.

Step 4: Start Folding Box

Start folding. If done correctly there with be three sides facing down and the top is on the outside. Each of the side facing down will be two layers thick. The top is only a single layer with two tabs.

Step 5: Close Up Box

Fold down the top and place the tabs between the layers of the corresponding sides. You are done. This box can be opened and closed multiple times. It can also be disassembled for storage and reuse.

One variation is to draw your own pattern and paste photos in the triangles. It can be folded with the photos out for all to see, or folded in for view only when opened.

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