Texas Hold'm Local Network Setup.

Introduction: Texas Hold'm Local Network Setup.

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Lot's of people like to play Texas hold'm. I know where I used to work it was a really big thing. You see quite a few network tv shows about it.  This instructable is not about playing the game. To be honest, I am very bad at it,  This great for a party where every one does not have to sit at the same table. In fact there is a built in sort of irc where everyone can talk via the keyboard to each other..

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Note: this instructable was meant for intranet (i.e non-internet use) network only.

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Step 1: Getting the Software.

You can  download the software from http://www.pokerth.net/download.html.

Debian and ubuntu users:

$ sudo apt-get install pokerth pokerth-server

Windows Packages (XP, Vista, 7)
PokerTH-0.8.3-windows-installer.exe Setup: requires install by admin on some Windows systems
PokerTH-0.8.3-windows.zip No Setup: just click on pokerth.exe and play

Linux:32bit Binary Packages
tux-50x50PokerTH-0.8.3-linux-installer.bin Linux-installer (32bit mode)
PokerTH-0.8.3-linux.tar.bz2 No Installer: just unpack and run "./pokerth.sh" (32bit mode)
ubuntulogoPokerTH-0.8.3 is available for Ubuntu 11.04 and from the Debian/Ubuntu Games Team PPA
via `apt-get install pokerth` (thanks to Evgeni Golov)
debianPokerTH-0.8.3 is available from the Debian repositories via `apt-get -t experimental install pokerth`
(thanks to Evgeni Golov)
open_susePokerTH-0.8.3 openSUSE 11.1/11.2/11.3 one-click-installation (thanks to Freespacer)
slackwarePokerTH-0.8.3 Slackware package (thanks to _marc`) - Installation infos > Wiki
MacPokerTH-0.8.3 Slackware64 package (thanks to _marc`)

MacOSX:MacOSX Package (10.5 & 10.6 - Intel only)
PokerTH-0.8.3.dmg Mac Disc-Image

Step 2: Server Side.

You will want to start your pokerth program from your games menu or where ever you installed the program. (On linux, you do not need to start the pokerth_server program. )

Click on network game. You will want to set the number of players to is actually going to play, so no extras get involved. You can also set the amount of cash to start with. Set as you prefer/. Notice the timeout set it high till you kind of get use to playing. Then press create game.

Then you will get the connection window. See the chat window below where you can leave messages to the group. When everyone has connected you will see a start game button.

Note: be sure and know your ipaddress so everyone can know where to connect to.

Step 3: Client Side

Get the ip address of the server.

Start up the pokerth program on the client machine. Press join network game this time.

Then you will get the join network window. Here is where you will need to enter the ipaddress of the server machine. I would save the data. Then press connect.

The you will see the start game window. you will see the user on the server computer plus everyone else is connected to play. Notice the client has a type in window also.

Step 4: Back to the Server to Start the Game.

You should now see the start game button. Press to play!!!!!

Have fun!!

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