Texas Rigging

Introduction: Texas Rigging

this will show how to do a Texas rig!

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Step 1: Bait and Terminal Tackle

I find Berkley Powerbait has a wonderful selection of fake gummy baits so I chose a bass kit with 5" watermelon shaky worms and 6" pumpkinseed colored lizards... Any way the shaky worms are going to be my example... and I will also be using a bait hook

Step 2: Hooking the Worm!

your going the pierce the hook threw the top of the worm about half a centimeter and slide the worm until you reach the eye of your hook

Step 3: Piercing Again

a key thing to this Texas rig is making it Weedless... so take the worm and bring it to the tip of your hook where the tip is lined up with the worm pierce it through that spot a

Step 4: WEEDLESS!!!

know you rig is partly weedless know take the worm and slide it over the tip of the hook

Step 5: Bass Time!

you'll be catching lots of bass. you can fish in very weedy areas and where logs are . This is my first instructable please note what you all think about it :-)

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    3 years ago

    Great job I needed this for bass fishing


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, crazyfrog, check your inbox in a couple of minutes from the time-stamp of this comment.