Text Clock Bilingual (EN+PT) With Arduino

This is a text clock that can display the time in two languages: English or Portuguese.

The assembly is very simple using an LCD keypad shield for Arduino with no wiring required.

Just put the keypad in the Arduino, load the code and you are done!

After that, set your preferred language, the time and enjoy it!

Note: The seconds are displayed as additional information in numerical mode with an animation of an hourglass on its side.


  • Arduino UNO R3 (1x)
  • LCD Keypad Shield (1x)

Step 1: Setup

Use the keypad to set the time and language.

  • Left: English
  • Right: Portuguese
  • Up: hour setting
  • Down: minute setting
  • Select: setup confirmation and clock starting
  • RST: restart the clock

Step 2: Code for Arduino



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