Texture Painting for Kids


Introduction: Texture Painting for Kids

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Hi All,

I wanted to introduce, texture painting to kids, with items easily available at our home and do recycling of cardboard boxes... I choose "Baby Groot", this helped in grabbing attention of my son..

And he agreed to help making one...
I am not an expert, the technique, I am sharing, is simple and kids can perform them.. except, the cutting cardboard step, which needs adult supervision or help

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Step 1: What Do We Need ?


Cardboard box
Acrylic paint
Tissue paper
PVA glue
Paint brushes

Step 2: Building Layers

- Cut a square 12"x12" from cardboard box. this will be our base
- Draw different part of Groot on other cardboard pieces, example, draw body, hands, legs, face separately
- Cut each piece out and stick on the base cardboard
- Form layers to being out different features
- You could add planets or space ships... which I did not add here, totally optional

Step 3: Adding Texture Using Paper

- Make sure all the layers have stuck together as desired
- In a cup add 3:2 ratio pva glue and water, mix well for two minutes
- Spread a tissue paper on the layers and gently apply the diluted pva glue
- While applying, make sure, to be gentle and press paper to get mini folds for good texture
- You can just cover Groot, but o wanted a te textured background too, so covered the whole base with tissue paper..
- Repeat this for 4 layers
- Leave it to dry, for 24 hrs

Step 4: Paint Job

- This is the most fun part
- First paint the entire thing with Black acrylic paint
- Let the paint dry for few hours
- Now using a sponge, paint brown on Groot, then add little green paint to cover him
- do little blie and green on thw background too

Step 5: Final Touch Up

- Use a toothbrush to sprinkle light blue and white paint, for stars
- Add message " I am Groot" and we are done

One can add planets or space ships too...

- Cardboard for base could be be replaced by wood or other solid material
- Add more cardboard to get different thicknesses for layers
- Cardboard can be sliced to get thiner layers

I hope you liked this project and share comments

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