Textured Dime Pendant

Introduction: Textured Dime Pendant

I recently had a school Holiday Faire and I made this pendant for it. It was one of the first things to sell, so hopefully you guys like it.     All ya need are:
-One drill / dremel /primitive hole-poking device and anything else you would need to drill
-sandpaper(fine grit)
- jump ring (can be handmade from other 'ibles)

This is my first step by step Instructable so please tell me what I can do to improve. Please vote for me in the Holiday Gift Contest if you think this would make a nice gift that is easy to make. I need the money for a school trip to Argentina.

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Step 1: Hammer It

First, you need to hammer out the dime until you can barely see the image (depending on the side).

Step 2: Sand It

When it's pretty hammered down, bigger than at the start (not too thin) sand it down. I used really fine-grit sandpaper. You should not see anything left of the image on the dime. The second picture is halfway through the sanding, you can still see the outline of the face. The third picture shows the size of the drill bit you should use for the next step.

Step 3: Drill

Drill in random spots all over the dime. DO NOT drill all the way through EXCEPT in one spot, which will have a jump ring through it.  I used a very small drill bit. The dime should have coppery looking spots all over from drilling into the  center of the dime ( not all the way through).

Step 4: Fin

Put a jump ring through the hole that goes ALL the way through and you're finished! the final product is a nice pendant you can stick on a chain and sell, give as a present, or keep for yourself.

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    you are very welcome, and you too! please vote for me in the holiday gift contest! -themadjeweler