Making Textures for Second LIfe

Introduction: Making Textures for Second LIfe

I quick scan around the web for 2012 fashion trends quickly revealed some quite nifty exotic leathers - crocodile skins and such. I have enjoyed designing quite a few fashion Textures for Second Life so I have put together an Exotic Skin Embossed Leather Texture Pack. It took a little while to create the underlying skin pattern - organic shapes are always a challenge, but once the base was there, overlays of stitch and trim were possible. 

Here is a little insight into the steps in Photoshop (steps match images)
It's a simple account, I realise  - but if anyone is interested in a blow by blow guide, let me know :)

Step 1
Using the pen tool, draw the basic pattern

Step 2
Add FX- emboss, drop and inner shadow, outer and inner glow, satin

Step 3
 Create a new emboss layer for extra gloss highlight 
Add FX pattern overlay (a basic leather pattern)

Step 4
Drop in leather background behind pattern layer. Add leather details

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