TfCD Working Position Gadget



Introduction: TfCD Working Position Gadget

Do you always sit in a bad working position? Do you really dive into your laptop when concentrating? Improve your behavior and build your own working position gadget.

The Proper Working Position Gadget illustrates the basic principle used for real time location systems (RTLS). Based on the difference between the time of departure and the time of arrival the position of the user can be defined.

RTLS use at least 3 readers that send radio signals to each other. The travel times of these signals are measured and using triangulation the position of the node in 2D can be calculated. With the simple prototype that can be made using this instructable the position of the user can be defined in 1D. In stead of radiosignals the gadget uses ultrasound, because sound travels way more slow than radiosignals there is no need for super advanced timing systems. By using an arduino and an ultrasone distance sensor the working principle is easy to understand and cheap to prototype.

Step 1: Acquire Hardware Components

For the device you need:


1x Arduino UNO (

1x Neopixel LED bar (Or equivalent ws2812b LED strip) (

1x Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (

9x Dupont Cable (

1x Breadboard (

1x 330Ohm Resistor (Optional)



Step 2: Construct Circuit

Build the schematic shown in the image.


The order of the pins of the Neopixel strip might differ, always connect the GND first!

Most likely you need to solder wires to the Neopixel strip.

Step 3: Upload Code to Arduino

Download the code (attachment).

Upload the code to your Arduino, you can edit the code to your own preference.

You'll need the following libraries for the code:

RunningMedian (For filtering the input from the Ultrasonic sensor)


Adafruit_Neopixel (For controlling the LEDs)

You can find them attached to this instructable.

Step 4: Design and Built Your Own Frame

With cardboard it is easy to build your own frame for the prototype.

Be creative, maybe you can make it stick to your screen or hang from the top of it.

Its fun to decorate it with markers!

Step 5: Test Your Prototype!

No you can test your prototype!

The closer you get to the ultrasonic sensor the more lights will start burning and their color will shift to red.

Good luck with fine tuning the device and making a nice case around it!

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