TfCD:Smart Temperature Control System

Introduction: TfCD:Smart Temperature Control System

The idea of the smart temperature control system derives from the basic working principle of the common Air conditioners. Because of the importance of air conditioners in usage, the technology related was explored to give a promising future prospects of the technology.

The Practical Application

According to research, there are two main parts in an air conditioner. One is the sensing part which is use to perceive the temperature changing. In this part, NTC is used as the temperature sensor, increasing and decreasing its resistance while temperature dropping and rising respectively. The other part is the compressor that is used to compress the air for cooling or heating. Under the cooling mode, when the temperature is higher than the setting temperature, the compressor starts work until the temperature reaches the setting one and vice versa.The prototype was made to simulate the process, the details of which are indicated in the video attached.

The Strengths

  • Small and easy to embed
  • Relatively precise

The Weaknesses

  • Only for environment temperature
  • Being affected by the air around which is already cooled or heated, leading to a situation that some parts of the room are still not at the setting temperature but the compressor already stops
  • Being affected by self-heating caused by strong electric current

For temperature sensing, thermocouple temperature sensor could also be available. However, it is difficult to calculate the relation of the temperature and voltage difference. Infrared thermometer could be another solution which can realize the possibility of sensing body surface temperature.

Future Prospects

In the future, the NTC temperature sensing technology with new materials and higher accuracy, might be still a good choice for air conditioners because it is mature and stable enough for household environment. But it could not be an unique way of knowing the temperature. For example, together with infrared thermometer, the device can obtain both body surface temperature and environment temperature. Then after calculating by CPU, a more appropriate temperature will be adjusted, which is suitable for person’s current body statement. Another possibility is working with the big data. By downloading the outdoor temperature date and comparing it with the indoor temperature as well as body surface temperature, the air conditioner can adjust a more suitable temperature for people going out and adapting the outdoor temperature faster.

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