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Introduction: Thai Chillies - Pickled

Where I live the crop season for the Tahi chillies I grow is very fast. before you know it they overripe and dry out on the Bush. So here is how I preserve them so I could enjoy them all year round. basically this method is very simple and will work with any other kind of Chillie pepper.

Step 1: Clean Your Batch

get your peppers cleaned up. Mine are organic so all I need is to wash some dust off with plain cold tap water. nothing fancy.

Step 2:

Step 3: Insert Into a Clean Jar

I like to insert the with the stems up so when it's ready it's easier to pull individual ones from the jar very easily.

Step 4: Add Vinegar

Top off the jar with distilled vinegar, close the lid, and set aside to work.

Step 5: Let It Do It's Thing

let it seat in room temperature for 1-2 weeks with the lead closed and then transfer it to the fridge and enjoy.
the time it should seat in room temperature really depends on 2 factors:
1. how how is your room temperature.
2. the degree of doneness you like.

Basically I leave it on my countertop (with no direct Sun) until it changes color and then move it to the fridge.
The fridge just slows down the pickling process and it continues to slowly change color in the fridge..

Step 6: The Finished Product

Sorry for the condensation on the jar..


Eat responsibly - these Thai chillies burn twice - the first time is when they go in to your body!...

Step 7: After 2.5 Days in the Har

tiThe change of color is vusible

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    It is super tasty but also super HOT. The first few that I ate made my mouth num...

    I took the pics with the rear camera of the new LG G3. It has a great camera.

    Thank you for the comment.