Thanksgiving Meal: Cake Style

Introduction: Thanksgiving Meal: Cake Style

About: I'm a kindergarten teacher who loves to bake!

A friend said, hey I want to make a bunch of cakes that look like a Thanksgiving meal, can you do that for me, oh and btw I need it tomorrow.

I said yes it's always fun to be challenged.

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Step 1: Making the Cake

Buy your favorite cake mix and prepare it per the directions.

To get the shapes you need for your Thanksgiving cake meal you might need to get creative.  I used bowls and a casserole dish to get mine.

Step 2: Turkey: Make It Brown

When you have your turkey shape (sorry I forgot a pic of this cake out of the oven) Lay the pound cake to the side, you can cut these to shape if you like.  Origionally I was going to make the legs out of rice crispy treats, but when I got asked to do this, time was really short and my boys and husband wanted a real Thanksgiving dinner so I was crunched for time.

I whipped up my favorite frosting recipe then added unsweetened Hershey coco and a dash of food coloring. 

Step 3: Potatoes

To make the mashed potatoes I used my favorite frosting recipe again and covered the cake, making sure to "whip" the cake up with the cake knife this will make you have a mashed potato feel.  The gravy was made using Smucker's hot caramel ice cream topping.  To make it pour more like gravy I nuked it for a few seconds before pouring it on.

Step 4: Pumpkin Pie

What's better than a pie cake, why nothing!

Step 5: Candied Yams

TO make candied yams I died my frosting a nice yam orange, then used a little but of the coco and vanilla frosting and ran it through my pastry bag to make a cooked marshmallow look.

Step 6: Sweetest Thanksgiving

And there you have it a quick and easy sugar filled Thanksgiving!

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    You know I just love mashed potatoes already, but those mashed potatoes look even better than the real thing!