Thanksgiving Paper Pumpkin Pie

Introduction: Thanksgiving Paper Pumpkin Pie

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When it comes to Thanksgiving holidays, pumpkin pie is a tradition in all households that do this festive celebration. You can never get enough pie, this Thanksgiving, you can put this paper pumpkin pie next to the real pumpkin pie and see who gets tricked into thinking that it is edible. You can fill the paper pumpkin pie with goodies for your guest to take home after a long eventful night with friends and family. This Thanksgiving DIY is great fun to do and can be done with the whole family. You will be able to give your guests something to take home to remember the greatest Thanksgiving annual feast.

You can read the original tutorial here.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Step 2: Video Tutorial

Step 3: Setting Up the Pieces

Print and cut your Paper Pumpkin Pie Template out onto craft coloured cardstock that will be the crust and body of the pie.

Then cut the icing out on an orange coloured card stock.

Once you have the template cut out, whether scored and cut by hand or machine, you should have something that looks like this.

Step 4: Adding the Crust

You are going to start with the top part of the paper pie crust, the piece with double triangles. Take your glue and add it to the side of triangles closes to the back piece of the pie.

Make sure to hold the tabs in place until the glue dries a bit.Then add glue to the other side of the triangles and stick together the piece with the side that has one set of triangles.

Step 5: Forming the Triangle

With the crust glued and set you are going to flick up the rest of the triangles so it can be glued to the roof of the pie.

Take the body of the pie and flip it so the tabs are facing your right side. Glue the bottom tab. Flip over and so now the bottom tab is facing your left and attach it to the pie crust piece that you just put together.

Now that the pie is attached together fold the roof of the pie over, add glue to the tab and complete the triangle shape so it looks like a pie.

Take the remaining triangle tabs add glue and attach it to the roof of the triangle part of the pie. Make sure you push the triangle tabs in place until the glue dries.

The edge of the pie there should be two tabs to glue together to seal off the pie completely so that there will just be a bottom opening to open and close the pie.

Make sure the slit is open so you can push and pull the tab in and out.

Step 6: Finishing the Pie

Finally, take the icing cutouts and glue it on your plain paper pie to turn it into a paper pumpkin pie.

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