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Introduction: Thanksgiving Picture Turkey Magnets

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Turn your family and friends into turkey magnets!  Its the perfect holiday craft for children and a fun and silly way to decorate the kitchen for Thanksgiving.

Step 1: Materials

Card Stock or Foam Paper - I wanted to make my turkeys with foam paper, but the craft supply stores I went to were all out from Halloween, so instead of using construction paper which would look too crafty, I used shimmery card stock which looks really nice!
Picture - print out pictures of your friends and family to put on the head of the turkey
Craft Glue
Glue Gun

Step 2: Pattern

Print out the PDF patterns for the feathers and body of the Turkey.  I included a few different options for feathers and bodies so you can choose how you want to piece together your turkey.

Cut out pattern pieces.  Trace the pattern pieces on the colored paper and then cut them out.

You can see I chose to make the turkey with the multi-colored feathers that form a semi-circle.

Step 3: Assemble Turkey

Using the craft glue, attach the feathers and other accessories (beak and gobble) to the turkey.   My glue got messy and smeared on the front of the turkey, luckily I used glue that dries clear!

Once the turkey is assembled, cut a piece of magnet and attach it to the back of the turkey.  Secure it with hot glue.

Step 4: Attaching Picture

Cut out faces from pictures.  Attach small amount of velcro to back of photos and head of turkey.  Now you can switch up the face on the turkey.  If you want the pictures to be permanent then glue the pictures to the turkey.

Put on the fridge and enjoy!

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