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Introduction: Thanksgving Decorations

Make Thanksgiving  a little more festive with these place identifiers (place cards)
These turkeys will have the names of the dinner guests.

Small Copper/Brass pot scrubbers
Peanuts (doubles)
Markers - red, orange &black
Tacky glue
Glue gun
Cork pads
1 small paper cup (to hold the ornament for gluing)

Step 1: Begin Making the Turkey Heads

Making turkeys is easy.
First draw a simple face on the peanuts, if you look closely at the peanut you can easily decide where the beak will be. 
Make a beak with the orange marker.

Draw  with the red marker the "wattles" (the red hanging thing under beak) 

Then dots for the eyes .

Make all the faces/heads that you'll need I used an old piece of foam to hold the heads.

Step 2: Making Turkey Body

For the body use a Christmas ornament I chose brownish colors for fall  The small paper cup makes a good holder for gluing  cut the bottom of the cup so the ornament will rest in place.

Point the ornament hanger towards the top (this will allow the ornament to be hung id desired. 
I used tacky glue and gun gun for a quick hold while the tacky glue dries.

Allow them to dry several hours or over night.

Step 3: Putting on the Heads and Finishing Touches

After the copper tail feathers are dry -  glue on the heads. I did the same as I did with body, using glue gun (for quick hold) and tacky glue.
The cork pads I used already had adhesive on them so I stood each turkey up then added the pads to keep them upright. 
After everything is dry then I will write the guests names on each and they are ready to use as place settings.
Each guest  will take their turkey home with them...

"Have a Happy Thanksgiving!"

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     That's really cute and creative - using everyday items to make a sparkly turkey!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    Father Christmas
    Father Christmas

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Hm. Looks like an "N" to me. I thought that was a little strange lol


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    It does look like in the picture to me too ... lol .. I had to do a double take...