That Is Emoncms Openenergymonitor (OEM)?

Introduction: That Is Emoncms Openenergymonitor (OEM)?

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It is a project in development based on open source developed by Trystan Lea, this application has tools for measuring energy or electricity consumption, mixing hardware and software which is available to anyone who wants to start measuring and regulation of energy consumption the purpose of this project is sustainable development.

Arquitecture Openenergy Monitor

You have the ability to create your own hardware and adapt or contribute to the development of software compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi,

Implements the measurement and monitoring of variables atravez hardware nodes implementing opensource

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Step 1: Some Views of Emoncms...

It has a management income users with login and password

sending data is encoded with a unique key to avoid collisions Notifies the updating of variables, graphs indivisuales, comparative It has a great tool dashboards equivalent to a scada interface

Step 2: Emoncms

Oficial Sites


Emoncms is a powerful open-source web-app for processing, logging and visualising energy, temperature and other environmental data. Openenergymonitor

Hardware Emoncms

All our hardware units are fully open-source and based on Arduino. Firmware sketches are available open-source on GitHub. See Resources for info on how to setup Arduino IDE.

Step 3: Test Hardware and Software Emoncms

Here are some small tests ..

I have made integrations with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Python and PLC, hope to use this platform and contribute ...

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