That One Camping, Etc, Item Some Might Forget, Make It Travel Size!



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I'm talking of course about Aloe Vera. 
Let's say you have been on a camping trip for a week, you remembered sunscreen, but didn't apply it enough, now you have an uncomfortable sunburn and a 15 mile hike in front of you.
This instructable is pretty self explanatory, but the basis is, Instead of lugging around a giant bottle of Aloe Vera, taking up space in your backpack, and adding unnecessary weight, or shucking out cash to buy a travel size because like me, you are cheap and see no need to go out ad buy a bottle when you have a gigantic one already, You instead have your own recycled DIY container of lovely lovely aloe vera gel with you. (Also, it would save you the trouble of romping about the woods in hopes of finding the aloe plant.)

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Step 1: For Starters

You will need a container! The best kind to use would be one with a "squeeze" lid so it's easier to get the gel out.
I used an old travel size shampoo container.
Note, do NOT use a conditioner or lotion container...They are a royal pain in the neck to clean!

Step 2: Since You Busted the Last One

Get a new bottle. Carefully clean and dry it out.
Noted: This was an empty shampoo bottle, Much easier to clean.

Step 3: Fill Er Up!

Yep, just find the easiest and less messy/frustrating way to fill up your bottle and do just that.

Step 4: As If This Step Was Needed

Clean up the bottle from where you most likely spilled some, and cap the lid. Label if you feel the need to.

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