The "paper Cell Phone" GLYPH-FON

Introduction: The "paper Cell Phone" GLYPH-FON

Recently I had te chance to go to my son's school. While touring, he stopped abruptly, pulled out a paper cell phone and begin to talk intently. He hung up and I asked him who it was he said: "its that cheerleader again, she won't leave me alone". I lol till my sides hurt! Anyway, I decideed to give him a boost, I put together a website called GLYPH-FON. Now all his buds can get a new cell phone and talk all day. TIP: I used a full sheet of Avery label, and printed it, cut it out and VIOLA! Instant cell phone! You ought to see the look on my clients faces when I use mine(blank stare)
The GLYPH-FON No dropped call, no connect problems no towers to worry about. Just talk. Go get yours! The phone is in PDF and full color on the website.



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    so is best buy gonna be selling these any time soon?

    6 replies

    If they are, they're going to pump the price up to extravagant standards.

    This is silly, and definately not an instructable.

    Me too. This does not look like an instructable for me. It has an unrelated history, then a link to another site, and one black-white image. What's this about?

    Are these mobiles good for the extreme sportman? Basejumping in to custard etc. It needs to be shock resistant and splash proof.


    11 years ago

    Boy, is it fresh-but is it snazzily Web 2.0-ish?

    Cool a paper cell phone! I tryed to look at your website but it wont let me through. Do you still have your website? Cuz I want one


    11 years ago

    I had a look at your site but what do they actually do? Corkie

    I don't know weather or not to be scared or amused... I'm leaning on the amused since it appears there's not too much activity on the forum about conversations people have had :P